Branae Hestily Bio - (2 videos)

Meet Cybergirl Branae Hestily, a confident, independent chick from the Central Valley city of Tulare,California. A fit, toned blonde with dark green eyes, she got her start as a swimsuit model for Hawaiian Tropic. She did some topless modeling and build painting at the Playboy Mansion, and we liked her so much that we made her Cybergirl of the Week in March 2012. “I enjoy being a part of the Playboy family,” she says. “Posing unclothed makes me feel so striking. But my ultimate goal is to become a Playmate. I want to be one of the twelve most gorgeous women of the year”. Branae comes from a little town – “out in the tules”, to use the vernacular – but she has some large dreams for herself. “Tulare is great because we’re right in the middle. Everything is a couple hours away,” she says. “The beach in one direction, and the mountains in the other.” She works days as a pet care specialist, and she has a few pets of her own – a Chihuahua named Bubbles and an African Grey parrot named Jesse James. In her free time she goes out to lunch and the spa with the girls, and – when she’s feeling adventurous – dirt bike riding with the guys. She’s a 49ers fan, and Sundays you can realize her on the couch in front of the game. “I dig football,” she says, excited. “And football players.”