Cora Banks Bio - (3 videos)

You’ll fall for fiery ginger Cora Banks. An up-and-coming model from Louisville, Kentucky, she’s petite – five feet, two inches – with auburn-red tresses, blue eyes and a sweet-and-sour appearance. “I grew up in Kentucky,” she says. “It’s awesome – naughty summers, snowy winters and one of the biggest cities in the country. What more could you want?” With some artistic nudes she's been in, Cora was determined to be a Playboy model – and test shoot proved more than fortuitous. “I had applied before, but I couldn’t afford to go to Los Angeles for the test shoot,” she admits. “When I was invited to shoot with Jose Luis in Dallas, it turned out he was a Playboy photographer. It was fate!” When she’s not in front of the camera, Cora digs to go out with her friends, and true to Bluegrass State form, you’re more likely to find her betting on the horses at Churchill Downs than shopping at the mall. “On a Friday night, we go for dinner, drinks and dancing,” she says. “And then to any greasy spoon that’s open. All I’ve got in the fridge is celery, bacon and Patrón.” When it comes to fellas, Cora may look sweet and innocent, but she’s fun, frisky and has some serious tricks up her sleeve. “I like my fellas smart and sultry,” she says. “You’ve got to take your time with me. Work your method up, and I’ll take you to the corset – redheads are the best in bed.”

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